Metro Detroit weather: Colder, wetter and windier

Temperatures drop through start of next week

DETROIT – The forecast gets colder, wetter and windier as we head toward the weekend.

Goodbye to 70

Sunshine got some of us to 70 degrees on Tuesday. We’ll be close to that mark Wednesday, but only getting cooler through the start of next week.

Even with that mercury slide (new dance?), we’ll remain above normal until Monday. That should be our only day with below-normal temperatures. Highs will finish in the upper 40s, leading to a subfreezing start next Tuesday.

Rounds of rain and wind

Our first system in a trifecta of wet weather arrives late Tuesday evening. A few spots might see some showers before dawn. But most of the wet weather comes overnight through the first half of Wednesday. It won’t amount to much, though.

Expect some widely scattered sprinkles through about 4 p.m. Wednesday. Gusty winds will be coming along for the ride. Expect 35 mph gusts in the mid- to late afternoon, just as most of us are drying out.

Round two arrives Thursday evening, and that system will be packing more of a punch. Rain might be more or less continuous until the system pulls away by mid-afternoon Friday. That will leave us with nearly an inch of water -- and we need it. Yearly precipitation is running at about half our normal values. Plus, we’ve only received a measly 0.03″ this entire month!

Winds will be even gustier with this system, topping 40 mph at times

The third system moves in Sunday, and it will be much drier than Thursday’s event. There’s still a chance of a few flakes on the end of that rain, but “flakes” is the operative word. It doesn’t look like there will be enough to even discuss accumulation.

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