Metro Detroit weather: Stray showers could break up hot, humid weather

More of the same, but an end is in sight

Metro Detroit weather forecast June 10, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast June 10, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update

DETROIT – Wish we had something exciting to share about a dramatic change in the forecast. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more of the same. But we can see the end of this pattern.

Still Steamy

Temperatures are still well above normal, and the humidity remains high. That won’t change through the start of the weekend. Expect highs in the mid-to-upper 80s both Friday and Saturday. Heat index readings will be near 90 both days.

We’ll finally notice a difference on Sunday. Temperatures will still be in the mid-to-upper 80s, but a much drier airmass invades, chasing all this humidity to our east. So, when temperatures retreat to the 70s in the mornings and evenings, it will feel a lot more pleasant than what we’ve endured for most of the week.

Fewer Storms

Even though conditions near the ground won’t change much Friday, upper level parameters will be less conducive to storm development. Can’t rule one out completely, but the majority of us should be dry on Friday.

Saturday, storms are more likely, not only during the hottest parts of the afternoon and evening, but even beyond sunset, as a cold front keeps the lift going past midnight. We will be dry by Sunday morning, though.

Settling Down

After Sunday’s improved finish, rain and storms return to southeast Michigan from a trough of low pressure. But beyond that, we’re in a dry stretch that will last most of next week. Good news for outdoor activities, but not good news for our drought situation, which has gotten worse.

Much of the North Zone is now in a severe drought. A lot of recent rains have stayed away from spots north of I-69, making their water deficit worse.

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