Snow to hit Metro Detroit this week -- here’s what you need to know

Some areas will see 1-2″ of snow on Sunday

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4Warn Weather – Good Sunday morning! Who is ready for some snow?

We have a snowmaker approaching Sunday morning from the south and west, moving into Metro Detroit after 8-9 a.m. Temperatures are in the upper 20s to low 30s with a light but cool breeze from the southeast blowing off of the big lakes on the east side of the state. It will feel like the low to middle 20s out there early on for anyone walking to work or the store before services. Well, whatever you have going on, expect that snow to slow you down by the middle and later part of this morning.

SUNRISE:  7:55 a.m.

You can expect the most consistent snow from 10 a.m. until about 3 p.m. with most of Metro Detroit seeing 1-2″ of new snow this Sunday. We may see a few areas getting slightly more. Still, none of our models show much over 3″ anywhere. We may see a few bands of snow lasting beyond the middle of our afternoon, keeping the nuisance conditions in play even into the late afternoon and early evening. It’s just enough snow to make those roads slick with reduced visibility and dangerous conditions at times. High temps will only hit the lower to maybe middle 30s which means a few raindrops cannot be ruled out. All of our data keep just about all of our moisture in the frozen form or snow.

SUNSET:  5:35 p.m.

Conditions will be drying out as we head into Monday and Tuesday of next week. In fact, our mostly cloudy start to Monday should improve, bringing an afternoon mix of sun and clouds. Temps will still be in the middle 30s but we may hit some upper 30s to near 40F with those improving sky conditions later in the afternoon. Tuesday will be a reverse of that with a little bit of milky morning sun with increasing clouds most of the afternoon from an Alberta Clipper snowmaker passing across the Upper Peninsula on Tuesday. We stay dry with all eyes to the south and west with a bigger storm coming in.

Wednesday will be one to watch this week. An incoming storm should again bring mainly snow to Metro Detroit with some measurable or shovelable snow. The latest data suggests mainly late morning and into the afternoon for the start time of the snow around here with some big fat flakes flying as temps hang in the middle 30s. Snow showers continue to be an issue for the evening commute lasting into the night and early overnight. Snow computer models are not yet in agreement with snow totals, but it looks like we could get 3-5″ or more with this midweek storm. Stay tuned!

Thursday may bring a few snow bands from the Great Lakes with a pesky west wind picking up late Wednesday and all-day Thursday. We don’t expect to see much but we will let you know. There will be an Alberta Clipper bringing colder fluffier snow late Friday into Saturday morning which could bring another 1-2″ to Metro Detroit. 

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