Family of 'White Boy Rick' responds to Hollywood movie adaptation

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A nearly $30 million movie about Wershe.'s life was released nationwide Friday.

The film was shot in Cleveland but had an authentic Detroit look and feel, but the real-life people who watched actors play themselves on screen said "White Boy Rick" got most of the story wrong.

"They're trying to say it's based on truth," said Dawn Wershe Scott. "It's really twisted."

A special screening took place at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak, attended by friends and family of Wershe.

Johnny Curry, a former Detroit drug dealer who mentored Wershe in the '80s, said the movie delivered a strong message.

"It's about the really good way that a 14- or 15-year-old boy could bring a drug dealer down," Curry said.

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Others at the watch party included Nate Craft, a hitman who was hired to kill Wershe in the '80s.

"It's uncool that they still have that boy locked up," Craft said. "Hell, all of us have been out for 10 years or better. He's in there for drugs, we were in there for murder."

"I think we're getting to the end of it now," said Wershe's attorney Ralph, Musilli.

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When he was 14 years-old, Rick Wershe, Jr. became one of the youngest FBI informants in American history. The inside information he provided led to the downfall of some of Detroit's biggest drug dealers. Once the FBI no longer needed Rick, he became a dealer in his own right, only until being busted on a cocaine possession charge when he was 17. Wershe has been in prison ever since.

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