SPOTLIGHT: Ex-basketball player wins in bowling

Pioneer H.S. senior Patrick Good Jr. wins a 4Frenzy Award

4Frenzy - Patrick Good Jr
4Frenzy - Patrick Good Jr (WDIV)
  • Favorite School Subject: English
  • Favorite Place in Ypsilanti: Roy’s Squeeze Inn
  • Favorite Artist: Kem, Eric Benet

From Pioneer High School, the winner of Favorite Senior in the Bowling category of 4Frenzy is Patrick Good Jr! In his first two years of high school, Patrick actually played basketball. He had a strong passion for the games he played, just like any other thing he set his mind to, but in his junior year of high school Patrick realized that his enthusiasm for basketball was lessening and he’d picked up a new love for bowling.

Patrick quickly saw a future in bowling and it became a top priority of his. He had bowled for fun since he was 4 years old, so when he heard about the Ann Arbor Huron bowling team he decided to try something new. The guys on the team were very welcoming and they stand out from other teams with their impeccable chemistry, which made Patrick love the sport even more.

Patrick Good Jr
Patrick Good Jr (n/a)

Patrick as a Person

At Pioneer High School, Patrick Good Jr. takes part in an organization for young African-American men, called The Ann Arbor Ypsilanti-Inkster Kappa Leadership Development League. The organization’s main purpose is to promote and develop the leadership skills of its members through their involvement in activities. They help different communities with meals on wheels and food pantries and host seminars on mental health for men. Patrick holds the position as treasurer and is on the executive board of directors. This organization has helped shaped Patrick into the man he is today.

Patrick’s future goals involve becoming a professional bowler on the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). Bowling has changed his life in so many ways. The love he shows for the sport of bowling is unbelievable. He would like to be an icon for other African-American bowlers that want to make it to the PBA some day and prove that it is possible.

Wins and Records

Patrick has won numerous local tournaments in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area such as the Southeastern Conference 2018-2019. In November 2018, just one week after his sixteenth birthday, Patrick earned the record for the first 300 shot in a youth league at Maplewood Lanes in Saline.

Most recently, Patrick traveled to Flint to bowl in a tournament called The Cavalier Eliminator Varsity Invitational. Since his team does not participate in tournaments, he decided to put his own skills to the test by entering himself. Most of the other schools that were participating brought 5 to 7 people to compete, while Patrick was a one-man show. He told himself, “Nobody knows who Patrick Good Jr. is, but they’re going to know before I leave this bowling alley tonight.”

He ended up taking the runner up position out of 200 of the best high school bowlers in the state. Patrick has been practicing hard for two years, trying to make even slight changes to his game to reach the next level. It was an emotional experience for him to see all his hard work finally pay off.

Want to become an accomplished bowler, too? Patrick’s advice is to pick up spares. "I cannot stress enough how big spares are in this game. Also, just have fun! If you’re not having fun, then you should give your time to something you think you’ll have fun with.”

Patrick wants to thank his mom, dad and sister for all they have done. Congrats on winning your 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award!


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