SPOTLIGHT: Four-year varsity football player wins Fan Choice Award

Liam Sarris was a versatile weapon for Berkley Bears throughout career

Sarris turns upfield to gain yards on a sweep run play. (Photo/Norah Domzalski)

Favorite subject in school: Gym

Favorite thing at school lunch: Chocolate milk

Favorite actor: Tom Hardy

Role Model: His dad

Fan Choice Award winners have been announced, and the winner for Favorite Wide Receiver in Football is Liam Sarris from Berkley! Liam was a rare four-year varsity player for the Bears, spending time at running back and linebacker his first three seasons, and adding wide receiver to his arsenal this season.

Sarris was his regular dominant self on the ground this season, averaging a staggering 7.4 yards per carry on his way to 639 yards and 9 touchdowns. Where Sarris evolved this season was as a big play wide receiver. Sarris used his speed to turn his 8 catches on the season into 139 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Spending four years on the team, Sarris became very close to his coaches and teammates, something he considers his fondest memory of football.

“I’ve made great friendships on this team and think of my teammates as brothers,” Sarris said. “Coach Shields has been like a second father to me, and I can strongly say that he is a good man.”

Sarris was able to have an even more special connection to Berkley due to his mom’s job as a teacher at the school.

“I felt really lucky to have my mom there at school every day,” Sarris said. “Whenever I needed to, her classroom was always open for me to come see her.”

When Liam isn’t on the football field, he loves to volunteer in his school’s Links program that helps students with special needs. He isn’t sure where he wants to go to college yet, but he hopes to play football and study criminal justice before pursuing his dream career of being a detective.

Congratulations to Liam on the award and four hard-fought years playing for Berkley!

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