Toddler sends tweet from official U-M account, hilarity ensues

A child uses an iPad. (Pixabay)

ANN ARBOR – Is a curious toddler taking over a Twitter handle the epitome of parents working from home during a pandemic? We think so.

The incident happened Dec. 19 when said toddler apparently got ahold of their parent’s iPad and sent out a tweet of absolute gibberish.

Screenshot of the original tweet. (University of Michigan)

Followers seemed to flow with it, coming up with clever responses until U-M provided one of their own.

The replies were just as good as U-M’s response.

It’s amazing how these blunders can take on a life of their own on Twitter, and how amusing the whole situation can become.

We’re guessing this parent now has their iPad far out of view of their toddler at this point.

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