Michigan Medicine doctor shares getting second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Payal Patel was one of the first frontline workers at the hospital to receive the Pfizer vaccine

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Dr. Payal Patel was among the first frontline workers at Michigan Medicine to get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 14.

Patel received her second dose on Jan. 4.

“Both times, I had a little bit of arm pain right where I got the vaccine. I thought maybe it might be worse this time but so far I felt pretty good,” she said.


Patel said some of her colleagues have felt tired or experienced more arm pain. But the overall feeling is excitement and optimism.

“There’s been a lot of people sharing on social media their pictures of getting their vaccine which I think is a good thing because the public needs to know that people are excited about this vaccine,” Patel said. “People are doing well after they get it, so that we can see more and more people sharing the optimism about the vaccine. I’m hoping that will get more people vaccinated.”

Patel also encourages people to do their homework on the vaccines.

“Even though the mRNA vaccines are new, the technology has been there for a while. You have to welcome new technology. We want new technology both in infectious disease and vaccines,” she said.

Patel said vaccinating health care workers is just the beginning.

“I really do believe that it’s hopefully going to be a better year if we can get as many people vaccinated as possible,” she said.

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