Browse the booths of these Ann Arbor area artists this week at Art Fair

It’s that time of year again

2021 Ann Arbor Art Fair visitors on State Street. (Meredith Bruckner, Sarah Parlette, WDIV)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Among the 1,000 booths set up downtown for this year’s Ann Arbor Art Fair, several belong to Tree Town artists and creatives.

Made up of three separate fairs, the annual event is one of the largest juried art fairs in the United States and draws the attention of thousands of tourists.

While some artists travel across the United States to sell their art in Ann Arbor, some don’t have to travel quite as far.

The art fair is happening between July 21-23. The fair is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 21, and on Friday, July 22. The fair is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 23.

Stop by the booths of these Ann Arbor area artists:

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original

  • Autumn Askalson: Booth NU920
  • Kristine Bolhuis: Booth IN240
  • Karin Coron Wagner: Booth NU825
  • Maxwell Davis: Booth IN254
  • Megan Foldenauer: Booth TBD
  • Helen Gotlib: Booth NU823
  • Lavinia Hanachiuc: Booth NU835
  • Erin O’Connor: Booth WA803
  • Monica Rickhoff Wilson: Booth WA815
  • Linda Sanchez: Booth IN272
  • Jason Wright: Booth IN233

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State Street Art Fair

  • Lorraine Kolasa: Booth LI504
  • Kate Seiler: Booth MA312
  • Sema Hakki: Booth LI614
  • Dee Miller: Booth LI421-23

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Summer Art Fair

  • Preeti Abraham: Booth ST520
  • Stan Baker: Booth MN225
  • Scott Berry: Booth MN236
  • BioArtography University of Michigan: Booth SU1109
  • Shawn Bungo: Booth SU984
  • Isabella De La Mora: Booth SU1231
  • Dick Dokas: Booth ST505
  • Anke Eichstaedt-Trampler: Booth ST439
  • Carolyn Garay: Booth MN379
  • Sarah Gelsanliter & Thomas Gelsanliter: Booth ST551
  • Susan Hamady: Booth ST576
  • Cherie Haney: Booth MN322
  • Paul Christopher James: Booth MN370
  • Stephen Kolokithas: Booth LI120
  • Emily LoPresto: Booth ST544
  • David McAlpine: Booth MN132
  • Carrie Mickey: Booth ST573
  • Anne Monheit: Booth MN347
  • David W. Nelson: Booth SU1236
  • Pam O’Hara: Booth MN136
  • Laura Pearson: Booth LI242
  • Kristin Perkins: Booth MN214
  • Kim Rhoney: Booth SU813, SU815
  • Jesse Richard: Booth MN312
  • Bryant Tubbs& Sharon Tubbs: Booth SU1123
  • Carolyn Weins: Booth LI222

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