VIDEO: 'Ghost' throws record at old Eloise psychiatric hospital in Westland

Eloise hospital complex in Westland
Eloise hospital complex in Westland

WESTLAND, Mich. – Ghost hunters have uncovered more evidence at the old Eloise psychiatric hospital in Westland.

Detroit Paranormal Expeditions has been conducting investigations at the old hospital for several months as the main building on the property is set to change hands.

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DPX released a few new pieces of evidence in October. The group hosted public tours of the Kay Beard Building around Halloween last year.

MORE: Ghost hunters uncover new evidence at old Eloise hospital in Westland


This week, DPX released video of what they say is a record being thrown inside the hospital. 

"On the third floor of Eloise Psychiatric Hospital, psychic-medium Brandy Marie and guest paranormal investigators feel the presence of a spirit just down the hall from them while conducting a Geobox session. Seconds later, a vinyl record that was sitting on top of a filing cabinet shoots off, then slams on the floor hard enough to break it, which required a significant amount of force."

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"Despite efforts to debunk it, neither Brandy nor the investigators could replicate or explain the occurrence."

Watch the video below:

Eloise began as the Wayne County Poorhouse, which opened in 1839 in the now defunct Nankin Township. After the Great Depression, the population of the complex started to decrease, as reports of violence, questionable conditions, misconduct and overall neglect surfaced.


Farm operations ceased in 1958, and the psychiatric division began to close in 1977 when the state took over. The main hospital closed in 1984.

Visitors have reported odd occurrences on the hospital grounds for years after it was closed.

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