That's nuts! Check out video of a squirrel running around Kimberly Gill's home

Squirrel got inside Kimberly's home through chimney

A squirrel inside Kimberly Gill's house. (WDIV)

Hey friends! Remember that owl I had in my house last year? Well, we had another visitor. This time, it was a squirrel.

Now, you might be wondering, 'How could this happen again? Didn’t you fix the problem after you had the owl?'

Well, with the owl, we carelessly left the flue open in the chimney. We also discovered we didn’t have chimney caps on the outside of the chimney. That’s how the owl got inside.

So, we figured we’d just keep the flue closed until we could get the chimney caps.

So if the flue was closed, how did the squirrel get in? We assume the squirrel fell down the chimney and was heavy enough to open the flue. We checked our cameras and could see the squirrel when it entered the home through the fireplace.

You can see videos of the squirrel running around Kimberly's house below.

So, friends, I need your help. Every company we called to install new chimney caps said they couldn’t do the work because the chimney is too high and because we have a slate roof. Nobody can walk on the roof to access the chimney. It’s too high up and too dangerous for a ladder.

Basically, I need someone with a cherry picker to get up there to put on the chimney caps. If you have any suggestions, I welcome them!

I love animals, but I don’t care for them in my house. I laugh when I look back at the video, but it freaked me out seeing this little critter run all around Basil’s toys. Please help!

I’m off the air Monday -- not because of the squirrel, but because Basil gave me a cold and it left me with a little laryngitis. I hope to be back Tuesday.


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