Detroit-born journalist, author Ed Gordon recalls his beginnings

Gordon discusses his start in Detroit, his long TV career, his new book

DETROIT – Ed Gordon’s TV career spans decades.

He’s interviewed world leaders and the most high profile TV, movie and music legends, and he got his start right here in Detroit.

Gordon was born and raised in Detroit, attended Cass Technical High School, Western Michigan University and went on to work the most coveted jobs in the TV industry.

Gordon worked at networks such as NBC, MSNBC, CBS and BET. It’s all on his resume, and it all started right here in the D.

“I started my career with Coleman Young back in the day if you can interview Coleman Young for those that remember the great mayor of the city of Detroit you can interview anybody,” Gordon said.

He’s interviewed world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton to legends in TV, film and music like Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Stevie Wonder and Tupac Shakur.

“The interview i’m most asked about today is the interview i did with Tupac Shakur,” he said. “It’s interesting because there are kids who know me literally only from that interview and watching it on YouTube.”

Gordon’s latest project -- author of a book released this month called "Conversations in Black: On Power, Politics, and Leadership.”

“The idea was to get as many of the top thought leaders influencers as i could to talk about the state of Black America what’s going on in this country. Each chapter is a different topic from Black Lives Matter to our images in the media,” Gordon said.

Gordon hopes the book will generate more conversation among individuals and groups who read it.

“My hope is just to convince people to believe that they have the power to make change,” he said.

Gordon talks about his new book -- watch:

Gordon talks about his TV career spanning decades -- watch:

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