Woman’s love of bridal magazines turns into successful Southfield boutique

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Vinnie Wilson McClure opened up her dream bridal boutique back in 2006.

“We like to say we dress the classic modern bride,” McClure said.

Named after her daughters, Ashley and Alexandria’s Bridal Boutique is tucked away on Franklin Road in Southfield. While it wasn’t her first career choice, bridal design was something she always knew she loved.

“Since I was a teenager getting off Seven Mile bus from Cass Tech and stopping at the drugs store, I’d stop there with all my money and I’d buy bridal magazines,” McClure said.

Her family and friends recognized her passion and encouraged her to take a leap of faith and start a bridal salon -- so she did. She started visiting bridal shows all over the world to gather and collect dresses from different designers.

“When I started going to the markets, there were very few Black people there,” McClure said. “I see a few more now.”

That didn’t slow her down. If anything, it motivated her to dream big -- and she’s still dreaming of growing her business.

“I would love to be in other states,” McClure said. “North Carolina is a place I’d really like to go to. Maybe overseas.”

More information can be found on Ashley and Alexandria’s Bridal Boutique’s official website here.

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