Metro Detroit nonprofit helping families with overdue bills, much more

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency helps homeowner keep her home

The Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency is helping individuals and families in Metro Detroit pay overdue bills and much more.

When things take a turn for the worse, some people are able to reach out to family and friends for help. But for others, options can be limited.

That’s why the Metro Detroit nonprofit Wayne Metro Community Action Agency exists: to offer help to local residents in need.

Metro Detroit homeowner Roszetta McNeill found herself in a difficult position after being evicted from her first home, and then becoming unemployed -- through no fault of her own -- after getting into a new home. For the second time, she was facing eviction due to back taxes, all while putting two children through college.

“I can’t even put it into words,” McNeill said. “You lose all your shelter; you lose your security.”

A friend suggested that she get help from Wayne Metro, and she did.

“We are a community-building, empowering community action agency,” said Mia Harnos, chief strategy and innovation officer. “Our job is to keep the safety net in place for those who need it here in Wayne County.”

For people like McNeill, that safety net took the form of the nonprofit paying her back taxes so that she could stay in her home.

Harnos says that the agency has not only helped people by paying their back taxes, but the organization also helps people file their taxes, pay their mortgage or rent, pay their utility bills, find and cover the cost of child care and find a job or advance their career. For most of the people they’ve helped, relief is the most common response.

“Oh the tears! There are just deep sighs of relief,” Harnos said. “There’s a spark in their eye that you know they’re gonna sleep well tonight.”

See the full report in the video above.

You can contact Wayne Metro by phone at 313-388-9799, or visit their website right here for more information about their programs and services.

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