A candid conversation with sports journalist Jemele Hill

Kimberly Gill sits one-on-one with the acclaimed journalist about starting her career in Detroit.

Acclaimed sports journalist and Detroit native Jemele Hill doesn’t shy away from controversy. And now, she talks openly with Local 4′s Kimberly Gill.

In her new book “Uphill” she doesn’t hold back -- explaining her infamous tweet about Donald Trump, an abortion she had in her 20s, and her decision to leave her ESPN Sports Center anchor job.

Jemele: “We know that there’s a certain perception of our city, and therefore there’s a certain perception of who comes from the city.”

Kimberly: “Being from Detroit, people expected you to fail.”

Jemele: “So as I progressed in my career, I wanted to make it known where I was from...and what was instilled in me here carried me on and carried me upward.”

See how growing up in Detroit helped shape the woman she is today and helped her find success.

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