Metro Detroit soccer coach responds after parents demand refund for canceled trip

Attorney general fields complaints about James Tyres

BRIGHTON, Mich. – A Metro Detroit soccer coach released a statement through his attorney as parents continue to demand refunds for a canceled soccer trip.

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Coach James Tyres, who works with Coerver Coaching in Brighton, was planning the trip to the Gothia Cup in Sweden.

Nearly 50 families paid for the trip that was supposed to happen in July. They thought everything was good to go, but Tyres missed the registration date for the Gothia Cup.

A statement his attorney released Friday said Tyres is trying to return all the money parents paid for the trip.

Below is the statement:

"James is sorry a mistake was made in registering for the Gothia Cup and understands the frustration and disappointment parents and their children feel. The majority of families either have received a refund check from James or have initiated a chargeback with their credit card companies to secure a refund. Several of the families who have filed formal complaints have actually received a refund check or have initiated one or more chargebacks with their credit card companies. Some families have tried to obtain a double recovery by initiating a chargeback while simultaneously requesting a refund check from James, or by initiating a chargeback for more than they paid. There appear to be a relatively small number of parents still owed a refund. Many families, including some who are still owed a refund, continue to support James. Unfortunately, a seemingly small number of parents seem intent on putting James out of business, which is counter to their stated desire to receive a refund. James' intent has been to ensure that affected families receive a refund, and he is continuing to work toward this end."

Contrary to what the statement claims, some parents say Tyres has been contesting chargebacks from credit card companies.

Michigan's Attorney General's Office has been fielding numerous complaints against Coerver Coaching and Tyres.

Anyone who has had a problem with the coaching business or Tyres is encouraged to contact a local law enforcement agency or their county prosecutor.

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