Police: Beware of sealcoating scammers around Metro Detroit

Oakland, Monroe counties among worse areas for scam

Police are warning people to beware of sealcoating scammers in Oakland County. (WDIV)

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Police around Metro Detroit are warning residents as they track a sealcoating scam that could cost victims thousands of dollars.

This is the time of year when these types of scams often pop up, experts said. The victims are often elderly and get tricked by fast talking crooks looking for cash, according to authorities.

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They typically work to get business in October and November and want to cash in before winter, experts said.

It's happening all over Metro Detroit, but northern Oakland County has been a hot spot for sealcoating crews that might not be legitimate.

There are also issues in Monroe County and northern Ohio, where police have tracked scammers looking to do little work for big money.

Some of the scammers travel to Michigan from out of state, officials said. In one instance, scammers even drove an elderly woman in Waterford Township to her credit union, demanding the money.

They left after doing very little work, authorities said.

Hank Winchester spoke with a woman who paid thousands of dollars for a job that turned out to be a mess.

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