Metro Detroit widow’s funds frozen after bank is told she died

WAYNE, Mich. – A grieving widow in the city of Wayne received a letter that she -- not her husband -- had recently died.

She received notifications about her death from her bank, insurance provider and the Social Security Administration. The letters kept coming even though she is alive.

The error has caused serious problems and financial issues so she reached out to the Help Me Hank team.

Kristine Nitzel has been dealing with her husband’s recent death. Her husband, Gary Nitzel, passed away Nov. 23. Because of a technical error, Kristine Nitzel has been getting notifications about her own death. The reporting error caused Nitzel’s card to be temporarily disabled.

Kristine Nitzel said getting her health insurance reinstated was critical because she is currently dealing with a variety of medical issues.

The Social Security Administration told Local 4 that it is reviewing records and have reached out to Kristine Nitzel to resolve the issue.

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