FBI tracking possibility of a cyber attack that could affect consumers in US

DETROIT – Tensions between the United States and Iran are continuing to escalate.

Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is tracking the possibility of a cyber attack that could affect consumers in Metro Detroit and across the country.

Iran has the capability, and has pulled off a large-scale cyber attack before. An intelligence insider is sharing how to keep your assets safe.

Andy Arena is the former head of the FBI in Detroit and is aware of the power Iran has in carrying out a cyber attack. Iran has previously hacked into banking and financial institutions prevention consumers from getting access to their own accounts.

There are steps you can take to protect your information. You can lock your credit, you can do that for free with the Michigan Attorney General. Second, consider using a credit monitoring service. The third thing you can do is to contact your bank or financial institution and learn what protections are in place should a cyber attack happen. The fourth thing you can do is to reset your passwords and use a unique combination of numbers and letters.

Many companies have been sending out alerts, warning of this potential threat. The concern is that a cyber attack could not only cause the individual consumer issues, but if the attack were broad enough it could cause concern for the economy as a whole.

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