Scammers see federal stimulus checks as chance to steal personal information

High-tech thieves targeting Metro Detroiters

DETROIT – Scammers are aware of how eager many people are to receive their stimulus checks from the federal government.

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A new email sent by high-tech thieves is targeting residents of Metro Detroit, and the goal isn’t to make sure you get your money. The goal is to steal your personal information.

Local 4 Consumer Investigator Hank Winchester is one of the many people who received the email.

Scammers want some of the cash you’re getting from the government, but more importantly, they want to trick you in order to get much more -- information they can use to steal your identity.

According to police, the scam email has been received by people in several communities in the area.

The email is from the “presidential stimulus refund team” and says, “You want your check from President Trump, don’t you? It’s critical you share your banking information. We will work directly with the administration to get your money ASAP. Please include your date of birth, bank account number and cell number.”

If you receive this email or one similar to it, know that it’s a scam.

The scammers are often targeting seniors.

How can you protect yourself? First, never reply to an email from a sender you don’t recognize. Don’t share any personal information over the phone, and if something seems suspicious, it’s probably a scam.

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