Dana Nessel slams claims she’s protecting former Gov. Snyder in Flint investigation

Michigan Attorney General slams claims she's protecting Gov. Snyder in Flint investigation.

FLINT, Mich. – Attorney General Dana Nessel addressed concerns regarding charges that have not yet been filed in the Flint water investigation.

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Some have recently speculated Nessel took over the case in an effort to protect former Gov. Rick Snyder. Thursday, Nessel said that isn’t true and anyone -- regardless of political affiliation -- could be investigated.

“I have such contempt for the way he handled state government during his eight-year tenure as governor of the state,” Nessel said. “To suggest I would thwart an investigation and dismiss charges to somehow protect him defies all reason and logic and it’s a ridiculous statement to make.”

Flint is still reeling from the water crisis and are eager for justice.

“I understand that it’s hard for people when they don’t know what’s going on,” Nessel said. “I would urge people to try to have faith, as hard as that is in these very uncertain times and to know the people who are working on this are incredibly dedicated.”

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The criminal investigation now in the hands of Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy. Nessel said work is being done 24/7 to get justice for the people of Flint.

“The last thing any of them would ever do is allow anyone to get away with anything in the event that they believed they were criminal liable,” Nessel said.

Nessel took to Twitter Wednesday to share her thoughts about the ongoing investigation and the idea her decisions may be politically motivated. She called the claims outrageous.

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