Scammers already preying on the possibility of a second stimulus check

Scammers working to get personal information

DETROIT – The debate in Washington continues over a possible second round of individual stimulus payments to American workers.

A new scam is popping up -- even before lawmakers decide if a new check is coming.

Millions of American have already received the stimulus check, helping many during these difficult financial times.

Just the talk of a second check in Washington is enough for scammers to make a move. A new round of emails popping up this week from scammers warning that if you don’t provide your personal information, you may not get a second check. This is a scam.

There has been no decision yet regarding the possibility of a second check.

If you have not received the original stimulus payment yet, the official IRS website is the only website providing updates or information on your status.

You can watch Hank Winchester’s full story in the video posted above.

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