Scammers use police brutality protests to prey on people who want to donate

Officials say scams target people donating to George Floyd protests

DETROIT – Many people watching police brutality protests around the county and in Metro Detroit want to donate, but officials are warning that scammers are trying to cash in on the opportunity.

Scammers are looking to take advantage of the generosity of people who try to donate on behalf of the George Floyd protests. Officials said take your time and be suspicious before giving your money.

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Thousands of people in Michigan are taking to the streets to protest, but others might want to help in a different way. Before you give money online, the Better Business Bureau said to be aware of websites that have been created just to rip you off.

If you want to donate, don’t rush, BBB officials said. Investigate where your money is going and donate to local organizations. Be cautious about donating on social media or crowdfunding sites.

There are some legitimate organizations and accounts that have been established for donations. GoFundMe accounts have been set up by Floyd’s family to cover funeral and counseling expenses.

The NAACP Defense Fund supports racial justice through advocacy, litigation and education.

Fair Fight is an organization founded by Stacey Abrams that aims to end voter suppression and equalize voter rights and access to fair elections for all.

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