Scammers use multiple methods to target victims -- Here’s what to watch out for

Hank Winchester has which scams to be aware of

Scammers use multiple methods to target victims
Scammers use multiple methods to target victims

DETROIT – Thieves are targeting victims with scams ranging from the election to puppies and even using the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to rip people off.

Here’s the latest information on these scams so the public can stay informed and protect themselves.

Election Scams

Use caution when you donate to your favorite candidate. Scammers have set up fake websites.

The websites look just like fundraising websites for Joe Biden or Donald Trump, but they’re not real.

Before you donate be certain that you’re on the candidate’s official website and use a credit card to make sure you have some protection.

Scammers will reach out via email, text or by calling potential victims.

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Puppy Scams

The coronavirus pandemic led to many people feeling isolated and looking for companionship.

Scammers have been taking advantage of this and listing fake puppies for sale online to swindle people out of their money.

Before you purchase a puppy make sure you research the breeder, visit them in person, ask for references and never send money if you haven’t met the puppy.

You need to see what temperament the dog you’re thinking of getting is, how old they are, and if they look healthy. You can only find those answers if you see the dog in person.

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COVID-19 Scams

The Federal Trade Commission has also been tracking COVID-19 scams and there have been hundreds.

There have been more than 2,700 complains filed from people living in Michigan. The most common scams reported have been regarding price gouging. There have also been reports of undelivered goods, robo call scams and text and email related scams.

Scammers are usually trying to get victims’ personal information, like their social security number. Never give out your personal information on the phone.

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