Sales and safety precautions: What to expect on Black Friday

Black Friday will look a little different this year

Sales, safety measures: What to expect at malls on Black Friday
Sales, safety measures: What to expect at malls on Black Friday

DETROIT – Malls and local stores across Metro Detroit are preparing for what is typically one of the biggest shopping days of the year -- Black Friday.

This year, however, customers are more focused on safety than sales.

There’s no doubt about it, thanks to COVID-19, Black Friday will look very different this year.

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Many stores have already rolled out big deals online.

Like many businesses, the Somerset Collection in Troy has been studying safety, hand sanitizer, crowd control -- reinventing how we shop and stay safe.

It’s not just malls. Local stores have had to reinvent themselves with many limiting the number of customers inside, offering hand sanitizing stations, requiring masks and putting safety first.

As far as the deals go, many stores and malls will still be offering sales on Friday. Search online and then put together a shopping plan to limit your exposure and time in stores.

You can learn more in Hank Winchester’s video above.

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