Metro Detroit woman warns others after falling victim to elaborate pet purchasing scam

Scammer asked her to pay with gift cards

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit woman is bringing attention to pet purchasing scams after she was scammed out of her own money.

Her family hoped getting a dog would lift their spirits, but instead the situation left them devastated and out nearly $1,000.

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When Cindy Riggen saw a boxer puppy online, she fell in love. She spotted the dog being offered by a breeder in North Carolina and arranged to buy the dog.

The seller wanted to be paid with gift cards. Riggen sent severa. Then she was told she needed to send more money to cover shipping and crating the dog.

The dog never arrived. The fraudulent business ceased contact and removed ads online. Riggen was left with nothing but heartache.

The Better Business Bureau has seen a huge spike in pet scams like that one. You should never buy a pet unless you’ve seen it in person. Do your research. Never pay anyone online with gift cards.

READ: Metro Detroit woman scammed out of thousands of dollars when she tries to buy puppy online

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