How to prepare pets for changing routines amid pandemic

Many owners getting back to normal life -- what does this mean for pets?

Pets have gotten accustomed to people spending more time at home amid the pandemic, but now many routines are changing for many owners -- so how should you prepare your pets for the change?

Pets have gotten accustomed to their owners spending more time at home than ever before amid the pandemic, so what happens when that routine changes?

Many people got new pets during the pandemic to keep them company amid isolation. Now, many people are returning to their normal schedules, and pets are going to have to adjust to entirely different routines.

So how you can you help your pet get used to spending more time alone?

Dr. Michael Petty, with the Arbor Pointe Vet Hospital, says that if your routine is changing this fall, try to adjust gradually so that your pet is more comfortable.

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Petty recommends hiring a dog walker to spend some time with your pet while you’re away during the day. And if that’s not an option, pet owners can use technology to connect with their animals.

Once your schedule changes, pay attention to your pet’s behavior -- notice any changes in your pet and how they behave when you return home from work, or when the kids go to school. If you notice big changes in your pet’s appetite or sleeping patterns, be sure to contact your vet.

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