Detroit celebrates high voter turnout for 2020 General Election

Biden projected winner by AP, NBC

Detroiters gathered in New Center on Saturday just hours after President-elect Biden secured enough electoral votes to defeat Donald Trump.

DETROIT – Millions of Americans celebrated Saturday over former vice president Joe Biden’s projected win in the 2020 General Election.

In Lansing, others weren’t as happy with the election results.

Celebrations were held in New York City, Philadelphia, D.C. and even here in Michigan.

Among the crowd of Detroiters were signs like “Voters Decided” and “Count Every Vote.” They all gathered in New Center just hours after President-Elect Joe Biden secured enough electoral votes to beat President Donald Trump.

“Yes! That’s my true feeling. Yes. Now we can finally breathe,” said State Rep. Cynthia Johnson with House District 5.

Johnson said the news was a sigh of relief. That was the common feeling and theme among Biden supporters Saturday.

“Each of those votes were someone’s voices,” said Claire Allenson.

Claire Allenson, with 313 Votes, an organization that promotes voter education, responded to Donald Trump calling out the Detroit voting process.

“You have to make evidence available if you have an allegation," Allenson said. “I was in TCF on Wednesday as a nonpartisan challenger and what I saw was a smooth operation of people taking their jobs seriously and looking at every ballot with equal fairness.”

Now everyone is hoping we can move on and heal.