Wayne County Board of Canvassers GOP members attempt to rescind vote certification

Board was initially in a 2-2 split on certification decision

GOP Wayne County Board of Canvassers members trying to rescind vote certification
GOP Wayne County Board of Canvassers members trying to rescind vote certification

DETROIT – President Donald Trump is still refusing to concede the 2020 election.

According to NBC News, some current and former Trump administration officials have privately reached out to President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team, signaling they believe he will be the next president.

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The Trump Campaign is paying for a partial recount in Wisconsin just as the recount in Georgia is wrapping up.

The federal lawsuit in Michigan over votes in Wayne County has been withdrawn. The Trump Campaign said it achieved what it wanted when the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refused to certify the results. Hours later, the board did vote to certify them, but now the two Republican members said they want to rescind their votes.

President Trump called at least one Republican board member after Tuesday’s meeting.

Local 4 obtained the affidavits that were filed by Monica Palmer and William Hartmann. The documents claim about 71% of Detroit’s 134 absentee voter counting boards were unbalanced.

Hartmann said he agreed to certify the votes on the promise that an audit would take place. He said he didn’t agree to certification and that he believes there were more than clerical errors in Wayne County.

Can they rescind the certification? Only if it’s done in the body of a meeting and is unanimously approved by the board.

“They’ve made a total embarrassment and have basically put a poor, poor mark on the view and perception of the administration of the elections,” said Jonathan Kinloch, vice chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers. “I think what they’ve done right now is put us in a very, very bad light as a county board of canvassers, as a community, and because of that, I definitely don’t believe that they’re ready for prime time and I think they should get some serious thought on whether or not they want to continue to serve this community in those positions.”

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson weighed in as well. She said the election has been certified in Wayne County and has already been sent to the state board of canvassers. The state board will take up the issue Monday.

You can watch the full report in the video posted above.

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