Friday Finds: New music to check out – June 7, 2019

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DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Those Nights -- Bastille

British band Bastille released their latest single from their forthcoming album, "Doom Days," which is expected to be released on June 14.

The album opens with their previously released single, "Quarter Past Midnight" and follows the story of one apocalyptic night and concludes the next morning with a little bit of hope on the kitchen floor with "Joy."

"Those Nights" is a powerful song that evokes the strongest of emotions. Lead singer Dan Smith's voice flows smoothly with the simple but powerful tune, colliding to make something incredibly emotional and vulnerable.

"You'll never get to heaven on a night like this / Those nights when your friends are gone / When you're holding on for someone to leave with / Those nights when you crave someone / To be there at dawn, to wake with, 'cause aren't we all just / Looking for a little bit of hope these days? / Looking for somebody you can wake up with?"

Bastille will be playing at the Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit on Oct. 1.

If you like "Those Nights" here are some other songs by Bastille worth checking out:

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Jean Grey -- Tunde Olaniran

Michigan native Tunde Olaniran consistently releases songs that are energetic and melodic. 

Olaniran dropped his newest track titled after the superhero ahead of the release of the X-Men film “Dark Phoenix.”

“Jean Grey” is a rhythmic track that starts slow but doesn’t stay that way. The varied pace blends a smooth melody with a breathy, quicker sound later in the track. 

Olaniran will headline Detroit’s Motor City Pride on June 9 in Hart Plaza.

If you like "Jean Grey" here are some other songs by Tunde Olaniran worth checking out:

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Hey, Ma -- Bon Iver

Indie folk band Bon Iver recently dropped two new songs, its first new recorded music in three years.

"Hey, Ma" is a poignant and emotional-driven piece that reflects on childhood and a mother's love. It stays true to the band's history with vulnerability and the sound they've curated.

"Full time, you talk your money up / While it's living in a coal mine / Tall time to call your Ma / Hey Ma, hey Ma / Tall vote, you know you mope it up / Well, you wanted it your whole life / You're back and forth with light"

"U (Man Like)" was released at the same time as "Hey, Ma." The band expanded its tour dates and directed fans to a website,

If you like "Hey, Ma" here are some other songs by Bon Iver worth checking out:

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Meant for Me -- Lewis Watson

English singer Lewis Watson’s “Meant for Me” is a sweet song about figuring out someone and loving them no matter what.

“Then you go / And say that you're not perfect / But you're gold / And even on your darkest days you glow / You'll never have to do this on your own / Because you're not alone.”

It’s a calm, catchy track about what’s meant to be and finally being in the right place and time.

If you like "Meant for Me" here are some other songs by Lewis Watson worth checking out:

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Never Really Over -- Katy Perry

Katy Perry takes a leap forward beyond her typical work on her 2019 single “Never Really Over.”

While the song is still pop, like her past music, it’s got more depth and layers. It’s complex and combines a variety of styles, making it a song I had to listen to several times to really appreciate it.

Perry sings about a relationship and the potential of it coming back together on the track that challenges whether a relationship has really ended or not.

“I tell myself, tell myself, tell myself, ‘Draw the line’ / And I do, I do / But once in a while, I trip up, and I cross the line / And I think of you.”

If you like "Never Really Over" here are some other songs by Katy Perry worth checking out:

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Other songs to check out:

Upcoming shows:

  • Bob Seger at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston on June 8 (Saturday)
  • Hinder at Motor City Harley Davidson in Farmington Hills on June 9 (Sunday)
  • Ari Lennox at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit on June 10 (Monday)
  • Citizen at The Majestic in Detroit on June 15 (Saturday)
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