4 things that will help you get college scholarships

DETROIT – It's nearing that time of year when high school seniors will start sending out their college applications.

If you want help paying for college, we have four tips you can start working on right now in order to secure college scholarship money. It could save you thousands of dollars a year or even pay your way, according to MoneyTalksNews.

  • Document community and volunteer service - and be precise about it. Colleges look for well-rounded students that are active in their communities. Volunteering can also help them compete with students who have a higher grade point average. A good way to keep track is to dedicate a calendar and write on each day that the student volunteers.
  • Create a resume for school activities. Detail everything your student is involved with during after-school hours, including private clubs, sports, and activities. Make sure you include accomplishments. Highlight anything that is academic, such as the National Honor Society.
  • Research scholarships. Try searching these websites, Fastweb.com and Scholarships.com. Also, look for local scholarships through school counseling websites, newspapers and business contacts.
  • Keep track of deadlines. The time to start applying for these is the end of junior year in high school. Many of the deadlines are in February.