All the reasons to start composting, or making your own ‘black gold’

You don’t even need a yard to make it happen

Soil (Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels/stock image)

Earthworms, when you think about it, are incredible: They’ll eat your food scraps and transform them into compost. How cool is that?

Have you ever considered composting?

It might be a fun project if you have some time on your hands lately, if you’ve ever wondered about the process, or you’ve just always wanted to get started but you didn’t know how.

We’ll tell you all the things.

Or more specifically, Leah Penniman, a farmer at Soul Fire Farm and the author of “Farming While Black,” will fill you in. She was featured on a recent episode of “The Best Advice Show,” a podcast that offers quick episodes -- we’re talking less than 5 minutes, with most around 2! -- and we loved what she had to say about composting.

“Black gold,” as it’s sometimes called, has so many benefits to the soil and the food system.

It can improve the texture of your soil, add moisture, prevent erosion and make it nearly impossible for plants to die in a drought, if you have enough compost.

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