Unplugging and switching gears before bed could be your saving grace during rough times

Find a TV show you love, and unwind

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It’s safe to say that we’re living through some very difficult times, so making sure you find a way to unplug and find an escape before bed could help you stay sane.

Just ask social justice organizer and author Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty.

How does Petty unwind before bed so she can clear her head of her day’s anxieties? No other way than the animated show “Bob’s Burgers.”

If “Bob’s Burgers” isn’t your thing, Petty says to find something before bed that will help you switch gears.

“It’s really difficult during this moment. If you’ve had loses -- like, I’ve suffered some tremendous loses during this pandemic,” Petty said. “I would say, find something you can tune out of this world into. ‘Bob’s Burgers’ has been that rescue for me.”

So whether it’s a hilarious and silly TV show like “Bob’s Burgers” or a page-turning romance novel, a little escapism can do wonders during stressful times.

You can listen to Petty’s advice on “The Best Advice Show” podcast, below.

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