How to polish your Petoskey stone

A Petoskey stone.
A Petoskey stone. (WDIV)

Have you ever found a Petoskey stone on a trip up north?

They are so spectacularly beautiful that it’s no wonder they are designated as Michigan’s State Stone.

The only problem with Petoskey stones is that they look so pretty in the water but, as soon as they dry off, they look dull and gray.

So how do you get yours looking all nice and shiny with that pretty “wet” look all the time? I’ve been learning how to polish them on my own, and I’m having some success.

Yes, professionals have all sorts of expensive tools to make the job easier, but I don’t have that stuff. Most of what you need is either already at home or can be easily bought. The polish itself can be found either in hobby stores or online.

Take a look at the report below to see how to polish Petoskey stones.

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