School report: ‘I feel like my family has been ruined’

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These are responses to our callout for sharing experiences with virtual learning at home, from parents, students and teachers.

“For teachers with school aged children, it’s a nightmare. I feel like my family has been ruined. Now I’m the teacher for others' children, the cafeteria worker, the custodian, and the parent who must assist all at the same time. How can I manage it all?”

-- Anonymous

“Complete and utter chaos! Teachers do not know how to work the programs, kids can’t focus on a screen with 30 other kids. No one remembers to use the mute button! I am a full-time working mom. I have had to take the past three days off of work, only to have each day cut short due to technical difficulties. Basically my daughter had three half days. I have to go back to work and have to expect my 18-year-old son to help her navigate 3rd grade. Our school, Chippewa District, allows teachers to bring their kids to school, but working parents have to figure it out even though it is the schools' choice to keep our kids out!”

-- Anonymous

“Online schooling is very difficult if there are multiple little children in the household -- you are trying to listen and pay attention to all teachers at the same time with the volume of both computers on so you can hear what each teacher is expecting of the kids. Very difficult, again, with multiple little children.”

-- Amy

“It sucks! I am watching my daughter struggle. She’s working part-time during the week, trying to keep her 6-year-old on track on the computer, and take care of two other toddlers at the same time, and trying to keep them quiet. A 6-year-old is not old enough to navigate the different sites on the computer, and rummage through the packet of papers by himself. Meanwhile, the other kids are not getting enough mommy time -- forget housework, cooking and washing. 8:15 to 2:30 is entirely too long for this.”

-- Ellen

How is virtual learning going? Let us know

Virtual learning is now well underway in many Michigan school districts.

We want to hear from parents and students about their experiences with this unprecedented situation. We’ve also received many comments from teachers who are double-timing as parents at home.

Please tell us how it’s going:

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