School report: ‘It’s not ideal. We just do our best.’

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These are responses to our callout for sharing experiences with virtual learning at home, from parents, students and teachers.

“It’s not ideal. We just do our best. Two 5-year-olds at home with so many distractions. We are eagerly waiting for schools and work and life to be open again. We want to get back to our ‘normal’ lives. There are tears. There are laughs.”

-- Anonymous

“It’s been really going well in Northville Public Schools. We have a 10th and a 5th grader.”

-- Sabine

“All of this is so hard for everyone involved. Thank you teachers for continuing to try to figure it all out while also caring for your own families. Thank you parents for being patient and doing your best each day to help your kids get through. And thank you to those who are neither teachers nor parents but are trying to help out however they can. We can do this. Everyone take a deep breath and focus on the goal of getting through.”

-- Anonymous

“Like everyone else -- 70% or so -- it’s very difficult, especially when you have four kids and are trying to go from one to the other. The teachers are trying their best to figure out how to use what they have. It’s good when it works -- the technology part -- but when the service goes down and when the child is unable to get on because of a system failure, the child is being punished and marked absent -- at least here in Dearborn public schools they are. I had to go down to the school and prove to them that it’s not working the way it was supposed to. I know this is all new to all of us teachers and parents.”

-- Sam

“My 3rd grader is really liking it. She isn’t as shy as she usually is starting school and doesn’t have her normal anxiety.”

-- Kim

“I have a 3, 4, and 5-year-old. My 4-year-old old is in developmental kindergarten and my 5-year-old is in kindergarten. As I am trying to listen to two teachers, my 3-year-old is crying and needing attention. The kids are not getting the education that they need, especially when class is only 45 minutes long.”

-- Anonymous

How is virtual learning going? Let us know

Virtual learning is now well underway in many Michigan school districts.

We want to hear from parents and students about their experiences with this unprecedented situation. We’ve also received many comments from teachers who are double-timing as parents at home.

Please tell us how it’s going:

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