Detroit Love Stories: 3 more local love stories to warm your heart

And your soul!

Roses are red.
Roses are red. (Pexels)

Love is in the air, isn’t it?

Oh, wait -- that’s just my space heater. No, wait! It’s Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, we wanted to share some amazing love stories from local couples.

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On the same ‘planet’

Brittany Whitehouse writes: Before my husband and I met in 2017, we had both been in 5+ year long relationships with people that were all wrong for us. People who did not want to be in a committed relationship. Finally those relationships had ended for both of us. Him and I ended up meeting each other at Planet Fitness.

We had seen each other there a few times, and he finally had the courage to come up to me randomly! Things moved quickly because we knew it was meant to be and we were engaged within 9 months, and now have a beautiful son together.

It just goes to show you that time means nothing when your with the right person.

Floating the right boat

Natalie B. writes: My husband and I met in 2015 while in Chicago. I went with my sisters and friend for a girls weekend. We went on an architecture boat tour and while about to board a group of 20 guys joined. They had missed the party booze cruise and got on our boat instead.

My husband was in that group, he was living in Chicago at the time and spent the day with the guys in the city. He introduced himself to us on the tour and we spent the whole day together. Missing the original tour and getting on our boat led to 3 years of long distance dating, an engagement , and getting married in 2019! Pretty great story of fate bringing us together 🙂

Love at first sight

Edward Halasz writes: My wife and I met in Hawaii in August 1973, I was a sailor and she was a tourist. One of my shipmates told me that his cousin and 50 girls were coming to Hawaii for a vacation, so he went around getting dates for all these girls which turned out to be a tour group of 24 couples plus his cousin and my future wife.

It was love at first sight for me, two weeks later I came home on leave to Cleveland and my last week of leave I came to Michigan to see the love of my life and to meet her family. In May of 1974 she came back to Hawaii with another friend and I proposed to her, and in January 1975, we were married, we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary on January 11, 2021.

She is still the love of my life and we’re still on our honeymoon after all these years.

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