🔒My top 4 things to do in Detroit -- part three

By now you’ve read about the “top 4 things to do in Detroit” in the morning and during the day.

Today is my favorite. The top 4 things to do in Detroit ... at night. I have to admit, this one is incredibly hard because there’s SO much to do. I could have made a three-part series on only things to do at night. Again, I’m going to try and keep things in a central location so you’re not running all around the city.

Before we begin the night you’ll need to make reservations days, dare I say weeks, in advance at Monarch Club or The Highlands. More on that later, but just trust me on this.

The night as usual begins with dinner. I suggest my favorite place and my go-to place for get-togethers, Central Kitchen. It’s right in the heart of Downtown Detroit’s Campus Martius. The atmosphere is incredible. They have a live DJ on the weekends and the music is never too loud that you can’t hear the person in front of you. The drinks are incredible but it’s the fries that keep me coming back time and time again. You can tell them that Evrod Cassimy sent ya. I go there so often they know my order. No I’m not embarrassed to say that. The service is excellent. You can sit inside or even on their newly renovated patio during a nice summer night but it’s also covered so you can enjoy some people watching and relax out there during the winter as well. It’s extremely affordable and they have something for everyone on their menu.

From Central Kitchen, no matter where you go, a nice stroll through the Downtown area is in order. That’s next on the agenda. You can walk in any direction and find plenty to see. I suggest at some point during your stroll you hop onto one of the Lime or Bird bikes for extra laughs as you whiz around Downtown. Be careful though! I have seen many people wipe out.

OK that was fun but it’s time to take things up a notch. We’re going to head on over to Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine. It’s on Library Street near where Hudson’s used to be. This is a great place for dessert so grab a table, but we’re really here for the dancing. I’ve only done it on Friday nights so plan accordingly. It’s almost not optional as they have a Cuban dance instructor who goes around table to table and encourages people to get up for their dance lesson. They move out all the tables from the middle of the restaurant after a certain time and pretty much the whole restaurant joins in. No, there’s no twerking happening here, just a cultural expression of dance, and no you won’t be the only one who has no idea what they’re doing. That’s what makes Metro Detroit so great. Cuban dancing on a Friday night at a restaurant with strangers in the middle of the city. It’s fun, you’ll laugh, you might even break a sweat but you’ll certainly have an incredible time.

After all that walking and scooting and dancing, you’re probably tired. Remember when I told you to make a reservation at Monarch Club or The Highlands? Let’s begin at Monarch Club. It’s right around the corner from Vicente so you can certainly walk. It’s exclusive, quaint, small and hidden but it’s everything you’ll need after a fun evening. It’s atop a building that overlooks Woodward Avenue with incredible views of Comerica Park at the same time. They only take reservations because they’re so popular. They’re usually booked every night so don’t try to walk in. The theme inside is very nautical, almost like Ralph Lauren or the Nautica brand itself. Very regal and upscale, yet casual at the same time. If you’re dehydrated, this is the place to be as you can relax inside at a table or couch or check out the views outside while sitting around the fire pits. Stay here as long as you want. You’ll have great views all around Downtown Detroit as you plan your next night out.

The Highlands is at the top of the Ren Cen. A little bit further from where you are now but just in case Monarch Club is booked, The Highlands is another great place to end your night while checking out Detroit from up above.

As I mentioned, it was hard to come up with just four places to visit. Here are a few other honorable mentions for stops along your night out in Detroit: Parc, San Morello, Leila, Eatori, Canelle, Standby and Sids Gold just to name a few.

What are some of your go to places for a night out in Detroit?

Email or DM on social media with your ideas and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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