Family urges others to take COVID seriously after birthday party makes them sick

‘When we took mom to the hospital, our hearts broke,’ family member says

Family creates PSA to warn of gathering risk
Family creates PSA to warn of gathering risk

In spite of the CDC warnings, a lot of people are planning to see family on Thanksgiving.

Because coronavirus can be spread while someone is asymptomatic or presymptomatic, there’s no way to know if your family is being infected.

Nov. 25, 2020: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 324,779; Death toll now at 8,761

One family who let their guard down for just a day is urging everyone else to learn from their mistake.

After months of carefully following COVID-19 restrictions, the family gathered for a birthday party.

All twelve people who attended the birthday celebration got sick.

Those infected spread the virus to three other relatives who didn’t attend the party.

The family hopes sharing their story will help save others.

“Use a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Wash your hands often. Please stay at home. Please protect yourself. It’s real,” one family member said. “Please don’t be like my family and ignore the CDC guidelines. By staying apart, we can fight this virus together.”

The family does not have plans to gather for Thanksgiving. Instead, those who aren’t sick will drop off food for the other families.

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