Study finds ‘no statistically significant association’ between use of baby powder and ovarian cancer

The use of talcum powder has been called into question

DETROIT – The practice of using talcum powder or other baby powders for feminine hygiene has been called into question.

A study published by JAMA used data pooled from four other very large studies and included over 250 thousand women.

Nearly 40 percent reported using baby powder for feminine hygiene at some time in their life. After roughly 11 years of followup the number of ovarian cancers among women who never used powder, compared to those who used powder, was essentially the same.

That led the researchers to conclude that there was “no statistically significant association” between this use of baby powder and ovarian cancer.

The new information provides a certain amount of reassurance if you are someone who continues to use talc-based products. If you have any concerns you should either avoid the products or use non talc-based powders.

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