Did you have the chicken pox? You’re at risk of getting shingles

DETROIT – If you’ve had the chicken pox then you’re at risk of getting a painful condition called shingles.

There is a vaccine to reduce the risk, but it’s only recommended for people over the age of 50. Even though shingles can strike at any age. Infectious disease expert doctor David Schwartz said shingles and chicken pox come from the same virus and even when you’ve recovered from chicken pox the virus stays dormant in your nervous system.

Shingles appears as a rash and can be very painful. There are two vaccines approved to prevent shingles. The newest one was in such high demand last year that its maker had to increase production.

Studies show that the risk of getting shingles if you had the chicken pox vaccine are much lower than someone who actually had the chickenpox.

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