Is coronavirus spread by insects? Who should take different precautions?

Dr. Frank McGeorge answers your questions about the coronavirus

Dr. Frank McGeorge answers your questions about the coronavirus

We’re answering your questions about the coronavirus.

Is the coronavirus spread by insects?

No. The virus is primarily spread by close contact through the respiratory secretions. There are other routes of spreading being investigated, like possibly through fecal matter. But there is no indication that insects can transmit the virus either through a bite or by landing on an infected surface, then flying elsewhere.

Should people at higher risk because of age or other medical problems take different precautions?

The answer is yes. But really everyone should be taking similar precautions. As we live our lives, we have to be practical about the risk and benefit of everything we do and this outbreak is bringing that into sharper focus. If you are older or have significant medical issues your risk of developing severe disease if you’re infected is much higher.

So I would go out of my way to avoid unnecessary risk like attending Mass gatherings, going on a trip to a destination with more active infection or even shaking hands. Younger healthy people can still develop severe disease but the likelihood is simply lower.

Ultimately one of the reasons everyone should avoid infection is even if you aren’t in a high risk group for severe infection, you might be coming in contact with someone at a higher risk who would be severely affected. By protecting yourself, you are helping protect them.

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