FDA advisory panel votes yes on Moderna vaccine -- What’s next?

DETROIT – A second COVID-19 vaccine has won backing from the U.S. expert panel, paving way for final FDA decision on emergency use.

The approval comes about a week after Pfizer’s vaccine was endorsed.

What was different about the reviews?

Moderna benefited by going second and was able to address a lot of the issues up front and have the additional data the experts wanted already prepared.

The allergy concern is not going away after there’s been two reactions to Pfizer’s vaccine in Alaska and two in the United Kingdom. The FDA said they anticipate there could be more reactions as the vaccine is rolled out more widely.

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The FDA is working with Pfizer to revise the fact sheets for their vaccine to highlight the importance of monitoring people closely after they are vaccinated, and to make sure the vaccine is given in a facility where medical equipment for managing a serious allergic reaction is immediately available.

The FDA plans to highlight those same precautions with Moderna as well.

This is all happening as the Pfizer Vaccine is being given to health care workers across the country, including Local 4′s Dr. Frank McGeorge.

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