Products to help you unclutter your home

Organization can help save you time and patience

DETROIT – No matter what kind of clutter you have, not being able to find what you need when you need it can get frustrating.

That’s where organization and the right products can help save you time and patience.

Betty Huotari is a professional organizer and president of Logical Placement, LLC.

She says it’s important to set aside time to get organized and come up with a plan that you can tackle in stages.

Clutter doesn’t happen overnight, so you can’t expect to get it all organized in that timespan too.

When she walks into a home, the first thing she does is ask the homeowner, what’s giving them the most stress?

Once you can identify the areas of your home that need to be decluttered, Huotari tells her clients to keep and use what they have.


Measure first, buy later.

Most people like to go to the store and buy the products that look the prettiest. Huotari says, that’s a bad idea!

First, pick the area you’re decluttering and decide what you need in that space. Do you need a shelf? Or a bin with drawers?

Measure your space and then go to the store to pick out what fits best to your needs. It’s all about thinking practical.

Clear bins are always useful.

If you’re tackling a big job, like an attic or a basement, a shelving system with clear bins can help. You can then place labels on those bins to make sure you know exactly what’s in there.

Prioritize what you use most, not by an item’s size.

We all have Tupperware that we use more often than others.

Place those in the front of your cupboard or drawers, that way you’re not disheveling all your Tupperware to get to one.

Try an exchange program.

If you buy a new blouse, throw an old one away.

If you buy a new Christmas wreath, throw your old one away.

This system helps, especially if you have a limited amount of space.

White boards aren't just for school.

Put up a white board on the refrigerator to keep your schedule organized.

You can also put up a white board on your downstairs freezer to keep you posted on all the things you have in there and the expiration dates.

Junk Drawer

Your junk drawer can hold organized junk.

Decide what you want in there; pens, paper, tape, rubber bands and batteries?

That means a hammer, the TV remote, an extra cellphone case -- those all shouldn't be in there.

Add storage dividers that can help keep the junk stored in an organized manner.

They also help keep the drawer opening swiftly.

Keep it in Sight

This tip helps with jewelry.

If you keep your jewelry in boxes, you don’t know what you have. Try keeping it all in trays, which will keep things from getting tangled and you’ll be able to see what you own.

Where can you buy containers that can keep you organized?

Need Betty’s Help?

Betty Huotari is a professional organizer who’s worked with hundreds of Southeast Michigan residents to reclaim their homes, offices and management of time.

Favorite Products

Here are some of the products Betty suggests using to get your home, paperwork, and office organized.

Big Storage Container (WDIV)
3 Storage Container (WDIV)
Desk Organizer (WDIV)
Drawer Storage Compartments (WDIV)
Fire Box (WDIV)
File Cabinet (WDIV)
Folder Container (WDIV)
Folder Divider (WDIV)
Letter Sheet Protectors (WDIV)
Planner (WDIV)
Shredder (WDIV)
Storage Container (WDIV)
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White Board Calendar (WDIV)
White Board (WDIV)
Wide Storage Container (WDIV)

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