This gadget may actually make folding the laundry fun

Try It Out Tuesday tests out the Shirt Folding Board

Folding clothes can be tiresome, and even after all that hard work, they still are not perfectly folded.

Host Tati Amare and Kim DeGiulio tested out the Shirt Folding Board to see just how efficient it is. The device allows you to quickly, neatly and uniformly fold your clothes.

All you have to is lay down the t-shirt on the designated flaps located on the folder. The folder has sides that flip over in a specific sequence allowing you to finish with nicely folded clothes. T-shits are not the only thing you can fold using the gadget. Sweaters, dresses, even jeans can be easily folded. The folding board can also be used by young children who want to help with household chores.

To see Tati demonstrate the Shirt Folding Board click on the video above.