Here’s how to protect your pets from getting lost

Michigan Humane Society suggests ways to keep your pet safe

Protect your pets from getting lost with Michigan Humane Society on Live in the D

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As the weather warms up, your pet may be scratching the door to get outside. Here’s how to keep them safe! Host Kim DeGiulio chatted with Devan Bianco from the Michigan Humane Society about how to prevent pets from getting lost.

As the weather starts to warm-up, pets will be outside more. It’s important to keep them close to home but just in case they wander away, the Michigan Humane Society has a few suggestions. Get your pet a personal tag with their pet name, address, and phone number. A city license tag, or an embroidered collar with the owner’s information can also work. The best way is a microchip, but be sure to update it if you move.

Devan didn’t just bring in helpful ideas, she also brought in a 10-week-old kitten named Kel, a cuddly, sweet male with lots of energy looking for his forever home.

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