Use your 5 senses for freshness

How to choose the best produce in season

Henry Ford Health System on Live in the D

Good nutrition is always important but especially during these times. Kelly Knol, a registered dietitian with Henry Ford Health Systems joined Tati Amare this morning to discuss the importance of getting your fruits and veggies in. Knol also talked about what healthy foods are in season right now.

“There’s a lot of things in season right now from your berries to tomatoes and cucumbers. From a nutrition standpoint it is always important to buy in season as much as possible because those fruits and vegetables have been in the ground longer and that means that they are able to take in more of those nutrients from the soil,” said Knoll.

When picking fruits that taste the best Knol advised to focus on your senses. Pay attention to the color and smell of fruits and vegetables.

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