Pairing up pals in the heart of Detroit

'Teacher’s Pet’ helps at-risk youths with unwanted dogs.

It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend, and that’s something Amy Johnson took to heart. In Heart of Detroit, Award-winning journalist Mitch Albom introduced us to Johnson who created Teacher’s Pet, an organization that pairs unwanted dogs with at-risk youths.

With the program, kids help train dogs with behavioral issues to make them more adoptable. Johnson says the program works because the kids involved understand the stigma of being “hard to adopt.” They form a connection through their shared experiences, something that ultimately makes them happy and gives them a stepping stone in life.

Johnson isn’t the only one who notices the positive changes. Owners who adopt the dogs that go through the program, praise the obedience and loving nature of the animals.

To learn more about Teacher’s Pet, click on the video above.

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