How to help homeless pets and wildlife in your community

Your furry best friend is waiting for you at the Michigan Humane Society

Pet of the week Ebony on Live in the D

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Host Tati Amare chatted with Anna Chrisman from the Michigan Humane Society about the steps you should take when encountering wildlife in your neighborhood.

In Metro Detroit, many people see bunnies, ducks, goslings, and fawns. It is important to avoid touching wild animals. When you see baby animals, you should only move them if they are in peril. If you see a baby animal that looks abandoned, it may not be. Many species leave their young to avoid attracting predators and is no cause for alarm. If you do find an injured wild animal, contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for assistance,

Anna also showed off a cute dog named Ebony that is available for adoption. Click on the video above to see how you can adopt her.

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