Meet Barb! She needs a loving home

Michigan Humane is also hosting an event to enrich your dog's life

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We often talk of ways to enrich each other’s lives and even those of our pets. Well, there is an event where you can learn new ways to do just that. Devan Bianco with Michigan Humane, the new name of the Michigan Humane Society, joined host Jason Carr over video chat to talk with us about the event.

The event is being held on Thursday, July 30th, from 5 - 6 pm. It is a seminar on enrichment for your canine companions held by the behavior team at Michigan Humane. It will cover things like your dog’s innate psychological needs and ideas for how to prevent behavioral issues. Registration is required and costs $20. The seminar will be held virtually at michiganhumane.org/training.

If you are looking for a furry friend, Bianco also introduced us to Barb, a two-month-old black kitten who is in need of a home. She is a pretty typical kitten and would do well in most homes. If you would like to adopt Barb, the Mike Morse Law Firm will cover the standard adoption fees. The Mike Morse Law Firm wants to help you if you need legal help. Visit their website at 855mikewins.com, or call the same 855-MIKE-WINS to find out if you have the case.

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